All your German favorites plus a few food trucks, too.

We will be grilling up bratwurst, knockwurst and even sweet corn. Don't leave out the German staples like potato pancakes and potato salad.

Don't forget the pretzels and pickles!

Berlin Food Truck
Sausages and Grilled Cheese
Berlin Food Truck is a great truck serving sausages and grilled cheese in the Los Angeles area. When you need authentic German cuisine, Berlin Food Truck is there for you!

More foods to be listed soon. Stay tuned...

Fun Facts

"Pretzelphyte" means a follower loyal to soft pretzels; or a soft pretzel aficionado.

The Bratwurst in Germany dates back to 1313 and can be found in the Franconian city of Nuremberg, which is still an internationally renowned centre for the production of grill sausages.

The bratwurst was popularized in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in the 1920s.